Whether this is your first time installing wall decals or you have done it before, installation is meant to be SIMPLE & QUICK.
Follow our step by step guide below as we walk you through the process of how to apply:


Due to the size of some of the pieces, adult supervision is necessary during installation.

Simple Peel & Stick

You will receive the wall decals without transfer printed on one or more sheets.
Open the packaging and remove the sheets. Spread them out on a flat surface near your desired location of application.
Start with a clean, dry and non-textured wall or surface.
Peel the first decal from the sheet. It should peel easily from the liner.
Place it where you wish and make sure it sticks properly to the surface.
If handling a large design, peel only at the tip of the liner, stick the peeled part first before removing the rest of it.
Slowly smooth the design from top to bottom, pressing down firmly using the card you received,
Ensure that the entire decal makes contact with the wall or surface.
Rub the decal gently from one side to the other pressing any air bubbles out.

If in doubt, you can always consider recruiting a second person to hold the opposite end of your decal to avoid sides sticking together.
Repeat these steps until you have applied all included wall decals.

Et Voila, you’re done ;)

Peel & Stick with Transfer



Our self-adhesive decals are an easy and affordable way to decorate any room.
You can add a special touch to any smooth surface–walls, doors, windows, dressers, bed frames, mirrors, and more. What better way to make your child’s nursery stand out?
Decals are completely removable and won’t leave behind a sticky residue or damage the paint underneath. Use a Hairdryer to remove the decal with no issue, so don’t worry about damaging your walls
Carefully crafted from high-quality vinyl matte, which makes the decals look like they are hand-painted onto the wall, without the hassle of painting!
You’ll receive an instruction card along with every item you order. You'll receive separate pieces so you can arrange them on your wall however you like.
Also every piece have a special adhesive that allows you to easily remove without leaving any bubble or residue while using a hairdryer.
All of our decals are completely non-toxic and don’t contain harmful chemicals, so they are 100% safe to be used in kids’ rooms, nurseries, and playrooms.

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